Article Marketing Still Work

Does Article Marketing Still Work in 2018

The whole purpose of the article marketing case study website is to test and provide a definitive answer to the question “Does Article Marketing Works?” or more specifically “Does Article Marketing Still Work?” We know it has worked in the past. But this is 2017 and you want up to date information. So what you really want to know is whether or not article marketing still works today and will it continue working in the future. Keep reading to learn how I tested this theory, so that it will give you unquestionable proof about the conclusion.


There is one basic assumption made by this test. I am assuming that you use article marketing for search engine optimization purposes in addition to generating direct traffic. I don’t think anyone doubts the capability of article marketing to generate raw click through traffic. That is pretty much indisputable. If your article gets read and you craft them properly, of course you can generate a percentage of click through traffic from people clicking the links inside the article or in the article’s resource box. What we really want to know is whether these articles will actually help your search ranking or not and whether or not article marketing will actually help you bring you targeted traffic.

Before we go into the details this test, do this one step for me. Open another web browser window. Go to Google and type in the phrase Does Article Marketing Still Work. That is going to be my primary target keyword. Then you can do another search for the phrase: Does Article Marketing Still work in 2018. That longer phrase will be the secondary target phrase. See where this website homepage ranks in the search results for each of those two searches. If it is ranking well, then you will know that it does in fact work for SEO. The only method that I am using to promote this website at all is going to be article marketing combined with decent on-page SEO. I am not going to use any other method. I will not be building links for it using any means other than producing and distributing higher quality totally unique articles.

If you want to read about exactly how I conducted the original case study test, you can read about it on this page.

Does Article Marketing Still Work At All – Updated For 2018

If you go around public internet marketing forums and start asking this question you are likely to get a whole bunch of misguided information on the subject. The reason the information is misguided is mostly because everyone seems to have their own definition of what article marketing means.

If two people have different definitions of what the term means, then they will end up in an argument over who is right or who is wrong or who is telling the truth and who is full of crap.

Therefore, I think it is in our best interest that I clearly define the various sub-meanings of the phrase “article marketing “and we can then answer the question “Does that type of article marketing still work or not?”


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