How To Turn An Average Reader Into A Mesmerized Zombie

Who Will Magically Send You Money Whenever You Command Him To totally entranced? Would you like to learn how to keep your readers’ attention in your articles so that you can hypnotically persuade them to do your bidding?

How would you like it if every reader was so absorbed in your words that they simply can’t get enough of your writing?  How powerful would that make you?

What if I could I could tell you about a super simple technique that would get a huge percentage of readers to hang on every word so strongly that you can command them and even force them to hand you money without them even realizing it?  Would that interest you?

You are about to discover an eye opening, deeply thought provoking technique that will convert an average reader into your mesmerized obedient servant who can’t wait to please you.

Dittalittleloo……..Dittalittleloo…….Dittalittleloo…….You are getting sleepy……..

Story Time:

Tom sat there comfortably, gazing around the home office he had remodeled for himself several months prior.  Tom had created the ultimate home office space.  He felt perfectly comfortable in his rather expensive black leather executive office chair that was padded in just the right places so he fit into it like a baseball fits an experienced glove.  His elbows and forearms rested comfortably on his desk as they stretched out toward his keyboard and optical mouse.  His eyes had to choose between two 20” LCD monitors that sit side by side one another.  The LCD’s were positioned slightly off to the left side on his large dark oak  desk.  Out of the corner of his right eye he could catch a glimpse of what was happening in the news.  He kept a small television sitting on a file cabinet off to his right.  That television always had CNBC financial news on it so he could watch the markets.

Taking a quick look around his office you see various pieces of artwork that give Tom inspiration.  He collects these 12 inch by 12 inch pen and ink drawings of famous historical buildings from across the United States.  You can sense that he is probably a history buff.  Hanging alongside those drawings are some more practical office supplies like cork boards and a dry erase board.  Tom is fortunate he has so much wall space that he can have a lot of Post-It notes on those large cork boards without it getting too overcrowded.  Even though he has a million notes on them, he still somehow looks organized.

He keeps several notepads and pens sitting on the right side of his desk next to his two telephones; one is his home phone and one is for business.  Thanks to the caller ID display he can screen his calls without even picking up the handset.

Tom leaned back in his comfy chair and relaxed.  He smiled in between sips of warm delicious morning coffee.  He just had one of those moments when you stop and appreciate something you had been taking for granted.   He paused for a moment as he realized what an awesome gift giver his wife was.  A few years back, Tom’s wife had given him the perfect, yet practical, gift that every work from home dad ought to have on his desk.   That prized possession was this simple little hot pad coffee cup warmer that worked perfectly for keeping his morning coffee at just the right temperature.  It kept the coffee hot without being too hot.

The coffee warmer sits just off to the right side of his LCD monitors where it is within easy reach of Tom’s right hand.  It is one simple little thing that Tom has been taking for granted for years.  He uses it every day religiously.  He has never had a problem with it.  The thing just works reliably day after day.  Tom smiled as he thought about the fact that out of all of his office gadgets, that forgotten little coffee cup warmer brought him more daily enjoyment than any of the other electronic gadgets.  He is a lucky man to have a wife who could come up with gift ideas like that.  He thought to himself, “Maybe I should run out and get that girl some flowers today, just because I can.”  The moment reminded him of why he fell in love with her in the first place and why marrying her was the best thing he ever did with his life.

Isn’t it the little moments like that, that make life great?


What a story, huh?  It is just a simple story that you can relate to.  Can you see Tom sitting there smiling in between sips of his coffee?

You might be wondering what I was trying to sell you in there.  Maybe you think it was a coffee cup warmer.  Maybe it was.  Maybe I was planting a seed to get a woman to think about giving her man a coffee cup warmer for a gift so that the guy will remember how much he loves her.  Or, maybe I was beginning to set the mood to persuade guys to buy something that would make their wives feel appreciated and special?  Maybe it wasn’t any of that.  What was the purpose of this article?

Now look over the whole page and read the article one more time.  This time I want you to pretend that this entire article from start to finish is an attempt to sell you something.  Pay attention to the techniques I am using and not necessarily what I am saying.

Sometimes it is better to teach by example rather than just explain how to do something.    Notice what I said in the headlines.   Watch what I do in the story.  Notice how you could slip things in there that would influence a person’s opinion of something without them even realizing that you are doing it on purpose.

Would you like to see another example of how to do this?

Oh and by the way, that is a true story.  Except, it really isn’t about Tom.  That story is about me and a real moment that happened in my life.

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