Is It Worth It To Put A Ton Of Effort Into One Article

man writing with lots of effortI know what you are asking.  You want to know how to balance quantity versus quality, right?  Should you write and publish more articles or instead focus on making fewer articles of higher quality that perform much better?  This is a question that every article marketer faces.  Here is some sage advice on the subject.

Does anyone know who you are yet online?  If you are writing and publishing articles to promote a brand new website and nobody knows who the hell you are yet, then you should probably start off focusing on quantity instead of quality.  Don’t misunderstand me.  You should still be producing average quality material or better compared to the material that you are reading on the internet.  If your content is below average, then you must work on getting that up to par first.

The reason you should be focusing on quantity when brand new is because your articles aren’t going to get all that many readers anyway.  Even if you publish a stellar piece, it is going to get far less traction than it would if it had been published by an author who is already well known.  That is just a fact of life.  It is something that every author/writer has to go through.

So, cast a wide net with your articles.  Publish them all over the place.  Use a personal blog to publish some of the better, higher quality ones that you want to stick around permanently.  But, keep publishing as much other work as possible to the rest of the web.  Build up your ability to produce higher quality.  Build up your network of online contacts.

The Other Side Of That Coin

If you are already known online and have a reasonable number of friends online, then you have a reputation to uphold and even build on.  You should be focusing on improving your craft and improving your image.  In order to attract the right people, you will need to be producing better quality material.  Experienced and educated people tend to gravitate towards the other more experienced people who produce the best content.   Those experienced people tend to be more well-connected.  You want to get and keep their attention.  You want to keep their impression of you as high as possible.  That leads to acquiring natural links from them which also happen to be more powerful.

Do You Believe In The Power Of Compound Interest?

Think about this.  If you are writing average quality content, how long do you suppose that content is going to remain popular?  How popular is it even going to get in the first place?

If you are writing as high of quality content as you possibly can, how popular is that stuff going to become?  Do you think you have a better chance of hitting a couple doubles, triples or even a home run?  Even if you fall short of that goal, which type of article is going to last the longest online?  Hopefully you realize that the higher quality material is more likely to remain more popular for longer.

The articles you publish, that end up sticking around for years, are going to bring you traffic, publicity and links that count for years.   The articles that you publish, that disappear in six months or less, are never going to bring you much of anything.

If all you ever did was produce content that instantly becomes permanent; how incredible would your portfolio be after just a year?  How much future traffic and notoriety would that portfolio of high performers keep bringing you over the years.  That is compound interest at work.

Start building up your online portfolio of higher quality material now and you will reap the interest on that investment for years to come.

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