Ultimate Shortcut For Writing High Quality Articles Quickly

moving super fastThe ultimate shortcut for writing high quality articles quickly is to invest a few minutes of your time into making a list of the most popular questions people are asking about in your niche.  Once you have a list of questions about what people are asking about, then it becomes much easier to generate articles.  You simply write an article to answer each question.  Sometimes you can write several articles to answer one question in a slightly different manner.  Heck, you might turn one of the Q-n-A’s into a downloadable PDF file for your audience.

But, how do these kinds of articles qualify as being high quality?

They qualify as being high quality because they are things that your audience is actually interested in.  We article writers sometimes produce a ton of articles about things that our readers really don’t care about.  Yes, the material is still related to the main topic of the niche.  People want better than that though.  They want to find the information they are really seeking as quickly as humanly possible.  They are impatient for the most part.  If they see a bunch of articles written about ho-hum topics in that niche, then they are much more likely to click away from that site.  You lose their attention.  You lose their interest.  You lose the reader.  You lose a potential customer.

Why Would These Articles Be Any Faster Than Any Other Ones?

You would produce these articles much faster because you have an easily achievable goal for the article.  All you are doing is answering a question as if it was a guy sitting next to you who asked it.  You just write a simple, easy to understand explanation of the answer.  That is a hell of a lot easier than trying to think up something interesting to write about.  And, the people who find that article will look around for other articles from you that do the same thing that one did.  They will want to learn more from you, especially if you did a great job explaining the answer to the last question.

Does This Method Really Work?

I guarantee you that it does.  It works absolutely wonderfully so long as you are knowledgeable enough to answer the questions without doing a bunch of research.  If you are knowledgeable about your niche, then this method is really the ultimate way to produce high quality content (in the eyes of your readers) in the least amount of time possible.

And believe it or not, you can get excellent ranking in Bing and excellent ranking in Google using article marketing along with some decent on-page search engine optimization.

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