Two Secrets For Maximizing Article Marketing Results With The Least Number of Articles

confidential privileged secret informationSome people doubt that you can get really good results with article marketing if you are actually making an effort to write higher quality articles and publish them one at a time at carefully chosen locations.  In case you have never actually tried that method yourself; that method does work.  You just have to make sure you get maximum results from each article.  Just look at how I got this website ranked well in Bing and ranked well in Google.  Because you are putting so much effort into each article, you can’t afford to be wasting any of that content.  Here are two secrets that you can apply to your article marketing efforts in order to maximize your benefits from the least number of articles.

Secret 1 Explained

First you will want to try to get published at as many different websites as you possibly can.  Choose carefully among your options of websites available that will accept your articles.  Write a decent article for each one of them.  You want to publish at different sites because you want your website to get at least one link back to it from as many different decent quality sites as possible.  Because you are publishing original unique content, you will be able to publish at higher quality places like stricter article directories, higher Google PageRank directories and guest blogs.  Take advantage of that ability.  Publish at the highest quality sites you can find that will accept your contribution.

Secret 2 Explained

The second thing that is just as important as the first thing I mentioned is that you need to have one or more tools at your disposal that you can use to get and to keep your articles indexed in Google.  Your articles are only going to produce for you if you actually make sure they are added to Google’s index.  Otherwise nobody is going to read them and the links back to your primary site aren’t going to count.  If you want the articles to help you perform better in Yahoo and Bing then you are also going to need to make sure that they are indexed by those two search engines.

twitter birdieI use three different sources to get my articles indexed.  The first source is my social media accounts.  I promote my articles using one of my Twitter accounts.  Even though Twitter has nofollow links, Matt Cutts from Google said that Google does follow them for indexing purposes.  A link from Twitter also appears to count as a small vote for the page in Google kind of like how Google counts regular hyperlinks.  A vote from Twitter might be a slightly weaker vote than a normal hyperlink, but it does convey at least some value.  If you are a Facebook user then I strongly suggest that you promote your articles using that Facebook account too.  Bing especially loves Facebook.  Any other social networking or social bookmarking sites that you use would also be good ways to increase your indexation.  Link back to your articles from any appropriate social media accounts you have.

The second source I use to index articles is other articles.  I keep track of every article that I publish for a project.  I record and track the URL’s of the articles once they are published.  That way, when I publish a new article, I can go link back to one of the other articles that is closely relevant to that new article’s topic.  I will link to my main target website once.  Then I add a second link in the resource box that links to some other higher quality article that I have published elsewhere.  If I have several articles that aren’t getting indexed for some reason, I will sometimes write a brand new article just to link back to them.

The third source I use to index articles is a blog.  Blogs work very well because you can throw a lot of link juice around with them.  I use free blogs at free blog hosting websites for this purpose.  I might use, or  I will publish a couple articles on my new blog.  I will go do some blog commenting and build some comment backlinks to that blog.  That way the blog has some juice.  Then whenever I need more help to get an article indexed, I can publish a new blog post with a link to that article.  You don’t want to use one blog to link out to every article you write as that would look like a link farm.  Don’t do that.  Instead, use several blogs that don’t cost you anything so you can spread the links around. These blogs are great for linking out to articles that haven’t been indexed yet for some reason.

These blogs are easy to setup.  You can setup three blogs, each one on a different site, and get some juice back to them from comment links in a matter of hours.  It will magnify your article marketing results a lot.  Keep the content quality on your blogs high.  Link out to other high quality sources of information from your blogs besides your own articles.  Links back to your own articles published around the internet should be blended in among links to other high quality sources of relevant information on the internet.

I promise you that these techniques do work well if you try them. Analyze the backlink profile of my website and you will see that I have used these very same tactics here to get good ranking results.


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