Top Ranking Is Going To Be Hard To Accomplish For This Site Using Article Marketing Alone

crying because it is hard

I definitely launched this case study without properly analyzing the competition it had for the keywords that I chose to target.  As it turns out, the primary keyword especially has a lot stronger competition than I first realized.  That means that if I am going to prove a point with this website, it is going to take a lot more work on my part.  Don’t worry.  It doesn’t mean that I am going to just abandon the study and quit.  I don’t intend to do that anytime soon.  It just means that I am going to have to spend more time doing article marketing for this site than I otherwise would have needed to do.   Let’s look at a couple of good reasons why I underestimated the power of the web pages that already outrank this site.

1)      All of the websites ranking on page 1 in Google for the primary keyword “Does article marketing still work?” have a lot more domain authority (at least one link back from many unique domains).  That means it is going to take me a lot longer and a lot more articles than I was hoping for initially.  Will I persist long enough to accomplish this?  You’ll have to wait and see.


2)      All of the websites that this site is competing against have a lot more indexed pages on them (a whole lot more).  That means that they have more internal link juice working to rank their page higher.  This will be a huge factor to compensate for.


How Can I Compensate For These Major SEO Drawbacks?

1)      I could publish many more related articles on this website itself and make sure that each one is indexed.  That way those new pages will help boost the ranking of the other pages already published on this site.


2)      Some of the pages that my site is competing against do not make it easy for readers to share them via social media.  I am hoping that I can convince enough visitors to share these articles (especially the homepage that explains the study) so that Google would give it a social boost for honest quality.  I think that you will agree that the homepage of this site which contains the details about whether or not article marketing actually works, does indeed offer very high quality information that you and your friends would love to know the answer to.  So, please do share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Google plus or anywhere else you want.


3)      I could look for some niche blogs related to article marketing in some way that might allow me to publish an article on them.  The backlinks that my site gets from those articles would likely be more powerful than your standard article directory link.  Ultimately this will probably have to happen in order for me to get a really good ranking with this site.  I will definitely need more powerful links.  But, before I go get any of those, I intend to try to create some of them myself using free blogs that other companies allow you to create.  I want to judge how powerful the self made sites and self published article directory articles are for getting results before I hit the site with anything that would be harder for the average person to do.  Don’t worry.  I will share the details on the homepage of the case study website.


4)      Many of the pages that I am competing against do not have all that many backlinks from external sites pointing directly at those pages.  Most of them are ranking well based on the power of their domain authority along with a relevant external link or two from pages where the links are counted.  I may be able to exploit this vulnerability by getting a few good links with highly relevant anchor text from related pages or from highly related snippets of text on slightly less relevant pages on other higher quality sites.  Even after doing this, it will still be hard to compensate enough for those competitors’ superior domain authority.


5)      One thing that webmasters overlook is the possibility of building up some of the pages that already link back to them.  I could focus on building up the page authority of the pages that already link back to this website.  If those pages become more authoritative, then some of that additional power should get passed on through the links back to my site.


It is going to be interesting to see how much manual work it is going to take by me to generate enough of what Google wants in order to give this website the prominence I want for it.  Follow this story as it unfolds.  Watch for updates about what is happening with the study by checking the bottom of the homepage periodically.  That is where I post the updates for what is happening.  Also, don’t forget to share this article or one of the other articles on this website with the friends of yours who are also using article marketing to promote their websites.  They will be glad you pointed it out.

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