The Secret To Writing Articles That Get Attention Like A Naked Man

crazy fan streaking across field

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Have you ever attended a professional sporting event where you witnessed a drunk guy running across the field?  How about a fat and naked drunk guy?  Take a minute and shake that image of the fat drunk naked guy out of your head.  Sorry about that.  I wanted your attention.  Isn’t it amazing how everyone suddenly ignores the game and starts paying attention to that guy?  Do you want that kind of attention for your articles so that they get more traffic?

Obviously you want traffic for your articles.  You want readers.  That is why you are reading this article.  Yet, how often do you think about how much traffic an article is going to get before you actually begin writing it?  Are you really writing it for traffic or are you just slamming out an article to get a link?  Could you benefit more by thinking more about traffic?

Consider this….

Which of these articles would you rather read?

Make A Million Dollars With Your Own Business


Rare Face to Face Interview With Internet Millionaire Samantha Knoxford Reveals The Secret For How She Took Her Ridiculously Simple Business Idea and Made A Million Dollars With It

You guessed it.  Getting traffic is all about the title. Yes there are other important things that also matter.  But, the most important factor is the title.  Get the title right and people won’t be able to skip past it.  They will feel a burning desire to read it.  They will want to read that article as much as a construction worker wants that first cold beer after working in the hot sun all day.  They will want to read it as much as you want to learn How to make $400 a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, without even so much as lifting a finger.

Think about those two titles listed in bold above here again.  Everyone wants to make a million dollars with their own business.  But, people are used to coming across crap like that online.  In most cases those articles result in broken promises.  The second article title looks far more interesting.  With the second article title you immediately begin wondering what secret is revealed.   You begin hoping that there is some nugget of knowledge in that article that is going to take you a giant step closer to accomplishing your financial dreams.   You feel somewhat compelled to read it.   You desire that knowledge.


How about these titles?

Make Money With Your Articles


How An Average Writer Can Sell An Article For $100 – Guaranteed


Both article titles talk about something that interests you.  The second one is far more specific and sounds like it probably has better more specific information than the previous title.  The reader is going to think “Heck yeah I want to learn how to sell an article for a hundred dollars!”


Another example:

Best Nightclubs In Dallas


Two Nightclubs In Dallas Where Even Shy Guys Can Hook Up With A Hottie


Do I really need to explain this one?  Which article title interests you more?  You could easily come up with an even better title than that.

In of all of those examples you just read, the articles could have contained the same exact body of text.  Only the titles needed to be different.  The titles have to be interesting if you really expect people to want to read and share them.  They also have to deliver on the promise of the title.

If you have a really interesting article title, then you just need to get that title out into existing high traffic places where people can see it.  You can do that by publishing it at some website where that target audience already congregates in large numbers.  Or else, publish it on any decent website while also publicizing it to the right audience through social media.   Two places that come to mind are Twitter and Facebook.  Get the right person to tweet it and it might go somewhat viral.

If you are a girl then imagine this:  Imagine Brad Pitt standing on a beach, shirtless like he did in that movie Troy.

If you are a guy then imagine this:  Imagine being a camera man at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.  Imagine the models’ wings bouncing up and down as they walk out towards you at the end of the runway.

You’re welcome.  I just wanted you to finish this article with a much better visual image than the one you pictured when you first started reading it.

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