Promoting Your Website With Articles Is Like Building A House Out Of Bricks

I want to emphasize that the title of this article refers to using clean article marketing methods to build a solid foundation for website growth.  If you are spinning articles and publishing crap, then you are not building with bricks.  You are building with sticks and straw.

man laying bricks

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Everyone knows the story about the Three Little Pigs.  The big bad wolf huffed and he puffed and he blew all the houses down except for the one made out of bricks.  Search engine rankings kind of work the same way.  If you build a good foundation for your website by building things that will last, then your website has a better chance of making it to the point where it really takes off.

I believe that is the underlying reason why most of those people fail.  People expect things to go easier than they really do.  People think their idea is more promising than it really is.  They take the “me too” approach to building another online business that simply competes against a plethora of other online businesses already serving that niche.

The same short term mentality rears its head when it comes to promoting their website.  They are willing to bend the rules and cheat if necessary in order to experience any kind of success with their website in the short run.  I fully understand the allure of spamming and taking shortcuts when it comes to building links and generating publicity.  You want results today.  You don’t want to wait.  You want your website to be a smashing success and you want that to happen ASAP.  That is why most people won’t take the time to build a strong foundation for their website.

If you want to build a strong foundation with your website then you need to start by getting one customer at a time.  Instead of trying to get hundreds of people immediately, why not prove to yourself that someone, anyone, will actually buy what you are selling.  Build your business one customer at a time.  Listen to the feedback you get from those few customers.  Pick which one of those customers fits into your ideal customer persona.  Then find out how you could better shape your business to their needs.

Start promoting your business in smart ways that will stand the test of time so that they build upon one another.   Start stacking the bricks.  Make sure you use good mortar.  You can do that by writing articles.  You can do that by guest blogging on other people’s websites.  You can’t do that by paying someone to use black hat software to blast ten thousand spam comment links to neglected websites that sadly approve them.  Take your time and do it right.  Do it well and it will eventually begin paying off. And then it will keep paying off again and again.


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