How To Get Organic Traffic To Your Articles

I am going to share a simple little system that will help you get more organic traffic to your articles.  This system will work pretty much every time you try it.  The amount of traffic you get will depend on many factors that are outside of your control.  So, it is best to just try the method for yourself and see how it works.

A Simple 5 Step System For Getting Organic Article Traffic

Step 1 – The first step in this method is to find a fairly long phrase that people are searching for.  There are two techniques I use to do this.  First, you can do this by using the Google Keyword tool to give you suggestions.  Type a phrase into the tool.  Then sort the results backwards in search volume.  Sort them from the lowest to highest global volume.  Now you will see some phrases that have four or five words in them.  Pick a good one to use.

The other way that you can do this research is to use suggestions from Google’s Toolbar or from the Google homepage.  Visit Google’s homepage and begin typing some phrase that you are thinking about creating an article about.  Google will make suggestions by showing you the phrases that other people have searched using in the past.  I believe it ranks these in the order of most traffic to least traffic.  So a suggestion higher up on the list is going to probably get more traffic than a lower one.  Using this method you can find a nice long set of words that you can use as an article title.

Google suggested search phrases

Step 2 – Produce a well written article that uses plain language and speaks directly about the topic you chose for your article title.  It helps to make the article nice and long without just stuffing in a bunch of fluff.  The longer your article is, the more organic traffic it is going to generate.  In addition to ranking well for your article title, you are going to see the article ranking for other long tail searches that other people are doing.  The amount of that extra traffic is tied pretty closely to how long your article is.

If possible, break your article up into sections with more specific information categorized by sub-headings.   If you have several of these sub-headings, Google tends to like it.  That part is not absolutely necessary, but it is a way to get a little more oomph.

Make sure you include the main phrase you want to rank for into the main body of the article.  Like in my case for instance I would want to make sure I include the phrase “how to get organic traffic to your articles” somewhere inside the article itself.   You could also try including different variations of the same phrase such as “How to generate more organic traffic for your articles.”  The two phrases are closely related, but it does not look like you are just cramming the one sentence in places where it doesn’t really belong.

Step 3 – Publish the article on a blog, an article directory or any website that has not been negatively impacted by the Google Panda filter.  If the site has been hit by Panda, then this method won’t work as well.

Look for a website that has lots of domain authority.  You can tell how much domain authority a website has by looking at the PageRank value of that website’s homepage.  Check the Google Toolbar PageRank value.  A value of four or higher is good.

In my personal experience, if you want traffic from Google, blogs work much better for this purpose than the article directories do.  If you want traffic from Bing or Yahoo, then the major article directories work fine.

Step 4 – Recommend the article to your friends in your social media circles.  Facebook and Twitter are the best ones for recommending your articles.  They work the best right now.  At some point, you might want to use your Google plus account if you have one.  You could also use any other social network that you belong to.  It is important that your article gets seen by some other people as soon as possible.   If you are brand new to this niche, then you might want to try to get someone else in your niche to recommend the article to his or her followers.  Even if you only have a couple followers, you should still benefit from sharing it on your social media accounts.

The reason you are sharing it on social media is not necessarily to generate traffic from those social media followers.  That would be nice, but it is not our goal.  The reason you are sharing it with social is because Google and Bing like to see content that is validated by having at least a little representation in social media circles.  Your article should rank better organically if you get a mention or two from popular social media sites.

Step 5 – Find some way of getting a link pointing back at it from any other place that allows normal links without the rel=”nofollow” attribute set on them.  You can get a link pointing at this article from another article that you publish at one of the major article directories like Goarticles or EzineArticles.  Both of those sites will work for this purpose.

That is pretty much it.  Follow those five steps and you will start getting organic traffic to your article.  Google will show the article in the search results whenever people are searching for that long keyword phrase that you chose as the article title.  Make sure you are choosing long phrases with at least four words in them.  The longer and more specific your phrase is, the higher it will rank when people search for exactly that phrase.

You may also discover that if you are publishing the articles on a website with enough domain authority, you may not even need that extra backlink.  So, by picking out the right website to publish on, you could save yourself some work.

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