How To Get A Triple Listing In Google

Yes you can actually get a triple listing on Google and I am going to show you how.  It isn’t as hard as you think once you have already gotten the number one position for your keyword.  Ideally, you want to have that number one position because that means Google already thinks your one page is the most relevant and authoritative page on the topic.   It is possible to get a double listing or triple listing without having one page at the very top of the search results.  At the bottom of this page you will see a screenshot where I did that.

Take a look at this screenshot of when I had all three top listings for my primary keyword.  That was pretty sweet.  This screenshot was taken on January 28, 2012.

Google search results showing triple listing


Specific Steps To Get Listed Three Times At The Top of Google

1)      First you need to have the top position for one page by building a page that is most relevant and preferably the highest quality page for that particular search.  I’m not going to go into great detail on doing that inside this post because it would take more explanation than I could do in one single post.  You need to learn your SEO first so you can accomplish this.

2)      Now build another page that is also very relevant for that same keyword phrase although slightly more specific.

3)      Now build another third page that is also very relevant for that same keyword in step 1, but also slightly more specific.  Now you should have three pages that are very closely relevant.  Yet, the second and third page are even more relevant for slightly more specific searches for that same topic.  I will explain more down below.

4)      Now link all three of those pages together.  The primary page that ranks number one should link to the other two pages using relevant anchor text for those pages.  It is best (and might be essential) for those links to come from the main body of content on that first highest ranking page.  That is how links pass the most value.  They should be contextual links inside of main page content.


Why this works:

If Google is already ranking your first page at the top of the SERPs for your keyword, then it thinks your page is the most relevant and authoritative page on the subject.   That page can now pass some of that authority to those other two pages that it links to.   So Google says, if page one is the ultimate expert and it links to page two and page three using relevant anchor text then pages two and three must also be authorities on that subject.

Your second and third pages must also have enough relevant content on the pages themselves in order for this to work.   There has to be a number of factors working in your favor that coincide with each other to convince Google that all those pages are that important.


Let’s Analyze How The Triple Listing Was Done With This Case Study

Notice that I was searching for my primary keyword phrase “Does article marketing still work”.

Google search for does article marketing still work

If you look closely you will see that the three pages listed are all very relevant for that search.  The first page is the homepage which is the most relevant and most authoritative page on this site for that particular search.  So, naturally Google would want to rank it at the top.

Then notice that the second and third pages were more specific longer tail searches based on that primary keyword.

zoomed in image of top three listings


Those second and third phrases were chosen on purpose.  I built pages for those phrases because those are two very important specific pieces of information that my target audience is wondering about.  They are wondering if article marketing still works after Google’s Panda update.  They are also wondering if article marketing works for search engine optimization.   That is why I created those pages in the first place.   Actually, when a searcher is searching for the phrase “does article marketing still work”  he or she is probably wondering about one of those more specific things that I covered in those two other pages.

Google knows this too.  You can tell because when you start typing in the primary phrase into Google’s homepage search box, Google will make suggestions of what you are looking for.  You will notice that those other more specific phrases are some of the suggestions that Google will make.

Google instant search suggestions

Back to the case study…..

So, now we had three different high quality pages that were very relevant for each other’s search phrases.

Next they got linked together.   The second and third pages automatically linked back to the homepage using the perfect anchor text because of how I organized the site structure.  Every single page on this website links back to the homepage with the ideal anchor text.

The only thing left for me to do was to link the homepage to the second and third pages.  That would give those other pages the extra authority they needed to be considered important enough to rank alongside the slightly more relevant homepage.   I made sure that I embedded the links in the main body of content on the homepage.  Here are the screenshots taken from snippets of the homepage.

picture of snippet from first page

The snippet above shows the hyperlink that links to the Google Panda page which is listed second in the search results.   The snippet below shows the hyperlink on the homepage that links to the third page listed about article marketing for SEO.

a picture of another snippet from the homepage

That is pretty much all it took.   It certainly helps that this whole website targets various search phrases that are closely relevant to my primary keyword.   This entire website is really relevant for explaining if and how article marketing works these days.  Naturally, this helps make it a little easier to get new pages to perform well in the search results for any terms related to that primary concept.  Still, you can apply the same techniques to your blog or your company website.

Let’s not forget the other thing that helped these pages get where they are.  And that very important part of the puzzle was the article marketing that I did to generate some search engine interest in the site and each page on it.  That is the great thing about article marketing.  You can use it to keep the search engines coming back to every single internal page on your site no matter how deeply buried that page might be.  And, you can do your article marketing in a white hat ethical manner where you are essentially trading other webmasters your high quality content for a link back to your website.


You Can Get  A Triple Listing Without Getting Position 1 In The SERPs

Take a look at the image below.  I captured this screen shot on February 10, 2012.  I noticed about one week prior to this that three of the pages on my website were listed on page one in the search results for the phrase “Does Article Marketing Work”.   They were listed in positions four, five and six.  Pretty neat huh?

screen capture of search results showing triple listing in position 4, 5 and 6

So that proves that you don’t need to achieve position one ranking in Google before you can get a double or triple listing.   Suppose you are getting decent ranking results already with one page for a high converting keyword.  If you haven’t been able to get that page to rank all the way to position one in Google yet, then maybe you can try to get more organic traffic from the search results by getting more than one page listed in the top ten results.  Would it be worth your effort to try?


Can You Get A Triple Listing For Your Website?

You can if you follow the directions I just gave you.  For some keywords it is going to be very difficult, especially the really short one or two word targets.   If you are trying to rank for a long tail keyword though, double and triple listings are in fact possible.  At least that is the way it works right now.  Google, being the evolutionary monster that it is, could change things as soon as tomorrow.

It is also important to note that maintaining a triple ranking is pretty hard to do.  Google does not really like to give one domain such dominance in a search result unless the search result includes the domain name itself.  Don’t be surprised if your triple listing turns into just a double listing after a month or so.

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