How Does Article Marketing Work Actually

four benefits of article marketingArticle marketing works in a number of ways.  It generates publicity and business brand awareness as well both direct traffic and indirect traffic.  This is why it is such a popular method of website promotion. All four of those things are things that everyone wants for their website especially traffic.  The kind of traffic that it generates tends to be highly targeted.

Article Marketing Works By Generating Publicity and Brand Awareness

Any time someone reads one of your articles or even just skims one of your articles, they can be exposed to your website, your product name or any part of your brand for the very first time.  Think about it.  Every brand you know about whether popular or not had to be introduced to you somehow.  Maybe you heard about it from a friend.  Maybe you read about it or heard a commercial or saw an advertisement or overheard a stranger or something else off the wall.

Every single product in history is discovered by people somehow.  That publicity comes in many different forms.  But, it almost always starts with some kind of intentional publicity.  Then people get talking to one another and the brand spreads.

Article marketing is one way to introduce people to the fact that your website or your product even exists.  You never know if that person whom you introduce to it is even going to care about it or not.  You never know if that person is going to tell nobody at all or one other person or set off a chain reaction that leads to a million other people learning about your stuff.

If your site is interesting enough and you can just get someone to start talking about it, then things can begin to grow on their own from there.  Creating something interesting enough is the challenge as is getting it in front of the people who will find it that interesting.  Article marketing can help you with one piece of the puzzle.


Article Marketing Works By Generating Both Direct Traffic and Indirect Traffic

Article marketing builds links for your website.  Those links can send some people clicking over to your website after they have read your article.  Those links can also increase your perceived popularity in the eyes of search engines.  The more popular your website appears to be, the more they will want to show it higher in their search results.  The higher it shows up in the search results for relevant search terms, the more traffic your website is going to get.

That is how article marketing brings in both direct click through traffic and also indirect search engine traffic.   Have you given it a try yet?

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