Do you need to keep getting links (building links) to maintain high rankings?

So you have worked your butt off doing great SEO for your site and actually achieved a high ranking for it.   Now you can lean back in your chair, put your hands behind your head, put your feet up and relax……right?   Not so fast pal.   You are probably going to need to get some new links over time to maintain your high rankings.

Google rankings are in a constant state of flux.  They do not remain static over time.  They change according to numerous unforeseen variables that you have no control over.   For instance, some of the websites that link back to you might change the page that links to you thereby removing their link.  Some of the websites that link back to you may get sold off or become neglected or God only knows what.  Then their links can either decrease in value or be altered in some way.  Even when you are doing high quality article marketing, these things still happen.

fresh newsThen of course there are new pages appearing that are going to compete with your page for top rankings.  Some of these pages are going to have fresher content on them.  You have probably heard that Google favors fresher content somewhat.  So you have that working against you.

Some of the other pages that were competing against you might get some higher quality links pointing to their pages which results in a ranking boost for them.  You have no control over that either.  There are lots of things that can happen which are bound to impact your ranking.

The one thing that is certain is that things are going to change.   That doesn’t mean you are going to lose your rankings.  Heck, they could get stronger.  But, you should plan on things changing at some point because they probably will.

At some point, they will probably change for the worse.  You will be standing there scratching your head when it happens.  You will try to guess what might have happened recently to cause your ranking to drop.  You will think that maybe some of the article directories deleted your articles.  You will come up with all sorts of possibilities and crazy ideas about what might have happened.  Maybe you will swear at Google (It seems to be a common occurrence.)

What can you do about it though?

How To Help Prevent Ranking Drops

no such thing as set it and forget it SEOI compiled a list of things you can do to try to make sure your page doesn’t lose its excellent rankings once it has achieved them.  Some of these tips may seem obvious.  Some won’t.

    • Get more links pointing to your page, but focus on only the highest quality links you can get.  You don’t want to get lots of low quality links pointing to your page in an effort to offset the lack of high quality links.  That is a mistake that a lot of people make.  If you are going to get lower quality questionable links, then certainly don’t point them at the specific page you want to stay ranked well.  Point them at some other page on your site.


    • Make sure you aren’t going overkill by repeating the same anchor text in any new backlinks you are getting for your page.  You should make sure you link back with new phrases so that you don’t get your page demoted by Google’s over optimization filters.


    • Realize that getting any decent link to any page on your site is beneficial somewhat.  Ideally, you want your most powerful inbound links to point to the pages you want to rank the highest.  That isn’t always possible though and it is usually hard to accomplish.  You should still get every high quality link you can though even if it doesn’t point to the ideal page.  It will still be adding authority to the site itself which helps every page on your site rank just a bit higher.


    • Rewrite some of the page content and update it for freshness.  As far as I can tell, hardly anyone updates their pages.  Most pages go without ever being updated throughout their entire existence.  If you have a really important page that you want to keep ranked really high, then you should keep it up to date within reason.  When you do update it, look for ways to add more rich content to the page that would make people like the page even more.  Make the page as useful as you possibly can.  That might also increase the amount of social sharing you get.


    • Make a list of the pages that already link back to your site.  Then go build some links to those pages to help juice them up.  By sending more traffic and links to the pages that link to your site, you are going to be increasing the value of the links from those pages.


    • Add new pages to your site that include a link back to your most important pages.  Remember that contextual links from inside your own website also help improve the rankings of the pages they link out to.  Make sure these new pages that you are adding to your website get some backlinks of their own from other websites so that they are actually increasing the overall authority of your website.


Pay Attention To Search Engine Algorithm Changes

You shouldn’t need to watch search engines like a hawk.  Yet, you want to keep an ear out for any major changes that are happening such as when Google introduced its Panda and Penguin algorithms.   Those were major changes that drastically impacted how SEO could be done.  Those are the kinds of things you really need to pay attention to.

That is pretty much it.  If you do those things, you are going to be far ahead of most of your competition.  They know they need to do these things too.  The person who gets the top ranking is the person who actually does what they know they are supposed to be doing though.

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