Can You Get All The Links You Need Through Article Marketing Alone

woman wondering if it is possibleIs it really possible to get all of the links you need for your website to rank well by using article marketing alone?  What if all you had to do to get your website to rank at the very top of all three major search engines was to just publish a specified number of well written articles at certain websites?  That is really at the core of what this entire website is about.  I wanted to measure exactly how powerful a perfectly clean white hat article marketing strategy could be for increasing the ranking of a medium competition keyword phrase.

Read the results I have posted on the homepage to see for yourself.  So far the results for Bing and Yahoo have been excellent.  This website ranks number one in Bing and pretty high in Yahoo too.  The ranking results for Google have been good but not excellent as of yet.  As I continue publishing more articles, we shall see if the results for Google increase or decrease and by how much.  My senses tell me that they will likely increase, but I won’t be one hundred percent positive until I see the results with my own eyes.

This site has already proven that you can get first page results in all three major search engines when competing for a medium competition keyword.  If first page results in Google, Yahoo and Bing are what you seek then the answer to whether or not article marketing is good enough is a definitive yes.  If your competition is harder than this site’s is or if you want to achieve the absolute top ranking in Google then maybe article marketing won’t be all you need.  You will probably need to get some other links from elsewhere.

Where Can You Get More Links

where else can you get links

Where else can you find more links?

I have already submitted dozens of well written articles to many different article directories in an effort to get links back for my site.  Some of the better article directories have already approved those articles which resulted in the rankings I am getting now.  An awful lot of the article directories that I submitted to have yet to either approve or decline my articles.  Unfortunately, this is something that everyone has to deal with when they use the methods that I talk about on this website.  You can’t control the review process that your articles go through.  A lot of the sites will take months to review them.  Sometimes we never find out if the articles were ever approved or not.

Better Places To Publish Articles

This is why you are smart if you look for blogs that will allow you to publish your articles as a guest blogger.  Those blogs will appreciate your unique well written content more than a traditional article directory will.  Every single one of the articles you publish on those guest blogs will get indexed in Google.  As long as it is a decent blog, then the link in your article will help your ranking.  Although these opportunities are harder to find, it is worth your time to look for them.  You can get much more lasting results using them.  It is also possible for some of your articles to acquire a fair amount of Google PageRank if they are published at a blog.  That very rarely happens with the article directories.

I believe these guest blog articles are also more powerful for SEO purposes than your typical article directory.  The guest blog is going to have more link equity to pass on to your website.  The blog will have more trust because it will not be loaded with duplicate content and it will not link out to spam sites.  If the blog is related to your niche too, then it will send over targeted traffic at the same time it helps you rank better.

Finding The Best Places To Publish Your Articles Determines If You Will Be Able To Get Enough Links

As long as you can keep finding new places to publish your articles, then eventually, unless you are competing for really hard keywords, you should be able to get enough links to push you towards the top.  You might not get the very top, but you should get close.  All that added exposure for your website from publishing these articles will help you earn some opportunities to get even more powerful links.  Article marketing really is worthwhile.

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