Proof That Article Marketing Worked in 2012

get high rankings in major search engines by using article marketingAs of the time I am writing this article, it is December 2012.    I wanted to capture some screen shots from the top three search engines so that article marketing worked in 2012 for generating traffic and for SEO too.

A lot of people have written off article marketing as a tactic for link building or traffic generation.   They declared it dead after Google Panda came out and clobbered the major article directories.   Then they thought it got even worse after the Google Penguin update.    Yet this site remained ranking at the very top of the search results in Google over the course of the entire year.

Throughout the entire year, this site ranked solidly in position one in Google, Yahoo and Bing for both its primary and secondary keyword targets.  There were a couple weeks at the very end of December 2012 when the homepage alternated position one and position two in Google.   The entire rest of the year it remained solidly in position one.

I don’t know what better possible proof I could offer you than to take these screenshots and publish them here for you.   There are some people out there who have followed this case study and learned a lot from following it.   Those people know that everything I have said here is absolutely true.  They have seen it work with their very own eyes.    I have received emails from them thanking me for publishing this study publicly so that they could benefit from it too.

It is one thing when a person says that a certain SEO tactic works.   It is another thing when they prove it publicly as I have done with this site.


What Insight Can Be Gained From This Study Over The Course Of 2012

1)      It shows that article marketing still works as well in 2012 as it did in 2011

2)      It shows that you can use article marketing without getting a site penalized by Google

3)      It shows that the method keeps working over the long run unlike so many methods that only get you top rankings for a few months

4)      It shows that the return on investment for white hat article marketing is actually quite good when you consider the long lasting positive effects


First place rankings in Google

Screenshots of Google Rankings in December 2012


First place ranking in Bing throughout the 2012 calendar year (screenshots taken in December 2012)

Notice that there was also a second page from this website ranking in position 6 in Bing for this same keyword phrase.

Screenshot of Bing Rankings in December 2012

First place rankings in Yahoo throughout the year (screenshots taken in December 2012)

Yahoo ranking screenshots from December 2012

This website was started back in 2011.  The same article marketing tactics used back in 2011 to originally get the site ranked are the exact same tactics that kept it ranked at the top of the search engines throughout the 2012 year.

In fact, the site ended up ranking for more keywords than it had originally started with.   Part of the reason for that was because I had added content to the homepage that contained some new keyword phrases.  Naturally after doing that, the page then became more relevant for those phrases.   Using good on-page SEO along with your article marketing is important.

Despite there being some link attrition throughout the course of 2012, the rankings still remained very solid in all three major search engines.

Over the course of 2013 I will be monitoring how the site is performing.  I will be adding some new content to the site and probably doing some more article marketing.   Stay tuned to see how things develop from here.

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