Article Marketing Traffic – How much traffic do you get?

sign saying How much traffic can you get from article marketingI got an email from a reader who wanted to know about article marketing traffic and how much traffic you actually get from it.  Thank you for the topic idea Mister Reader.  It is much appreciated as there really aren’t that many other topics for me to cover on this site that I can go into with much depth.  Traffic is an excellent topic though, because that is basically the main thing that everyone wants.

There are different strategies you can use that will yield different amounts of traffic.  Just think about it for a minute.   Most people use article marketing for search engine optimization purposes.  They don’t care much about the traffic from the articles themselves.  They just want the links to count so that the page they link out to will rank higher.  Then that page gets more organic search engine traffic.  In that situation you could argue that article marketing gets you zero direct traffic.  Yet, at the same time, it could yield thousands of visits every day if you did enough of it to get your own website ranking high for a high volume keyword.  I will talk more about that method again farther down below because that is the method I used for this website.

Another strategy for article marketing is to publish articles on other websites about topics that have high search volumes.   Then you produce an article using excellent on-page SEO elements.  Then you publish it on a website that also uses excellent SEO structure in an effort to get that article to rank really high in the search results.   You are going to need to build some backlinks to that article if you really want it to rank well.   Once you get it ranking well, you can get a percentage of readers to click a link back to your website.   The amount of traffic you generate this way is going to be about ten percent of the total traffic your article gets.  That ten percent is an approximation.  You could get more or less depending on how well you execute it.  So, to figure out your traffic, you would need a keyword traffic estimate from somewhere like the Google Keyword tool.  Then just do the math.   You will quickly realize that you aren’t going to generate much traffic with one article.  You may have been better off publishing that article on your own blog so that you get 100% of the traffic to your site instead of a small percentage.

Another traffic generating strategy with article marketing is to publish one or two articles at some place where your perfect target audience already spends their time.  For instance, suppose you knew of a blog in your niche that has a lot of subscribers.   What if you were able to publish an article that would get read by those blog subscribers?   That could be a gold mine.   Your traffic would be directly related to how many subscribers they had.   You could expect as many as seventy five percent of readers to click over to your website depending on how well you executed the plan.   Note that I said readers not subscribers.  Chances are that only a percentage of the blog subscribers are actually going to read the article.

the best traffic generation techniqueWhich Article Marketing Method Generates The Most Traffic?  

In my personal experience, the most traffic is generated by the first method where people use articles to boost their own website’s search engine ranking.   You also would want to have articles on your own website that target high volume search phrases which is similar to the second strategy I mentioned.  That won’t necessarily result in the highest amount of conversions.  It will result in the most traffic though.  There are too many factors to consider for conversions.  It would be way too complicated to explain all those factors in one little blog post like this one.

How Well Did My Methods Work For This Website?

Prior to building this website, I did some keyword research and analysis to determine what phrases people were searching for most often that closely related to my topic.  That is how I chose to use the phrase “Does Article Marketing Still Work” and also how I chose the secondary keyword phrase with the year on the end.    The search volumes for those phrases aren’t all that high.   According to Google, the exact match volume for my primary phrase was only 170 searches per month.

Let’s do the math on that.  If I got the number one spot on Google for that term I could expect to get as high as around 40% of the people to click on my link.  Actually you can get more than that or less depending on many factors.  I use 40% for a guess-timate.   So that told me I could get a whopping 68 visitors per month to that homepage just from people searching for that phrase.   Yes that is a puny amount.   As it turns out, that number is pretty accurate as of right now according to my stat checker.

I also knew that I would be adding many more pages to the website and therefore would be getting lots of long tail traffic to those other pages.  Anyone would expect that.  It is common sense.   In total this website is now getting about 1000 visitors per month.  To be exact it was 954 visits for February.  I expect more for March, but who knows.  That is not a lot of traffic by any standards, but for this project those traffic levels are about what I expected.

Is Article Marketing Totally Responsible For All My Traffic?

No.  This website would have got some of that traffic had I done absolutely no article marketing whatsoever.   I don’t know what exact percentage difference it made, but I am confident it is substantial.   I know that the homepage would not be ranking number one and the other pages would not rank as high as they do if I had done nothing to get people linking back to this website.  I think it would be getting less than half the traffic it currently gets.

I am getting 2/3 of all traffic directly from search engines according to my stats.  The rest of the traffic is split up from numerous other sources including small amounts from individual articles and small amounts from social media.   If you consider how much of the organic traffic came as an indirect result of the articles’ SEO benefits, then you could surmise that my article marketing efforts are responsible for somewhere between ½ and 2/3 of the total traffic for this website.  I arrive at that conclusion by assuming it is responsible for half the organic search engine traffic and all of the other traffic.  After all, the only method I used to promote this site was articles.  My margin of error should be pretty small using those percentages.

I probably could have used other techniques to build links and still gotten similar traffic results.  But, the purpose of this website was to focus on just the one method.  Any link building technique you use should help boost your rankings and therefore boost your organic traffic volumes.   This study has proven that this method of article marketing works for generating traffic both directly and indirectly.  If you are spending a lot of time trying to analyze how much traffic you are going to get from this technique or any other one, then you are stuck in analysis paralysis my friend.  That is no way to run an online business venture.  You are far better off trying a method and doing your analysis afterwards.  Trust me on that one.

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