Does Article Marketing Work for SEO – Here is proof

screen capture of top double listing in Google search results

Double listing in first two positions on Google

It is the very beginning of 2012 as I am writing this post.   If you are following my case study, then you know that I have been testing out whether or not high quality article marketing works for SEO purposes.  As it turns out, it still does work.  I took some screen shots of where this website ranks in the search results for the three major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Those screen shots are shown down below.

Please note that these screenshots were taken independently of one another with browser cookies cleared and with no personalization.  So, these are the rankings that a typical searcher would have seen as of the time I took the pictures.  The searches were conducted on data centers nearest to New York.  If you look closely in the images you will see that the location set for the search was Manhattan, New York.

Summary of the Case Study

The site was launched on 9/22/11.  It is now January, 2012.  So, the website has been live for just over three months.  I wanted to capture these results at around the 90 day mark.  These pictures are taken just over 90 days into the study.

I used pretty good on-page SEO protocols in order to give my pages a good chance of ranking well for the keywords I targeted.  There are about 20 pages on this website in total as of right now.  I will probably add some more in the future.

The only method I used to promote any page on this website was 100% unique high quality article marketing.  I published at many different common article directories where pretty much anyone with decent English grammar and decent writing skills can publish.  Most of the articles were written by me personally.  A handful of them were written by other freelance writers.  All of the articles are of at least decent quality and most of them are very high quality.  In my opinion, the majority of those articles provide useful information to the people who read them.

Those articles all link back to this website.  Some link to the homepage.  Many link to internal pages.  This site may have earned some other inbound links naturally that I am unaware of.  As far as I could tell, the rankings I achieved were due to the work that I did.  By the time you read this, it is quite possible that my site will have earned some other natural links and publicity that are going to help it rank better.  I think that the information here is valuable enough to attract natural links from other SEO people who like to see proof of whether a specific method works or not.

Note that I did not even use social media to promote this website.  I did use social media to promote some of the articles that I published on other websites.  I did that so that those articles would get some traffic and hopefully remain indexed in Google.  I did not use any social media tactics at all to promote this actual site itself.  The only places I mentioned this website at all were in the articles that I sent out for publication.

I did publish articles as guest posts on some blogs.  So, not every place I published was a generic article directory.  I prefer to publish on blogs when possible because you know that the article will get published.  With some article directories, you never know whether or not they ever published your article.  It might have been published and not indexed.

My initial keyword targets that I was able to achieve number one rankings for were as follows:

Primary Keyword = Does article marketing still work

Secondary Keyword = Does article marketing still work in 2011

These screenshots were taken in early January 2012.  Shortly thereafter I changed my secondary keyword target from the year 2011 to 2012.  I want the homepage to rank for the current year because I think people are going to start searching using 2012 instead of 2011.  I recorded these screenshots as proof that the ranking was accomplished before I changed that secondary keyword target.

Number One Ranking in Bing

– Article marketing alone got me solid first place ranking in Bing for both primary and secondary keywords after approximately one month.

Primary Keyword

AMCS website ranked number one for primary keyword in Bing

Secondary Keyword

AMCS website ranked number one for secondary keyword in Bing

Number One Ranking in Yahoo

– Article marketing alone got me a solid first place ranking in Yahoo for both primary and secondary keywords after approximately six weeks.

Primary Keyword

AMCS ranked number one in Yahoo for primary keyword

Secondary Keyword

AMCS ranked number one in Yahoo for secondary keyword

Number One Ranking in Google

– Article marketing alone got me first place ranking in Google for my primary and secondary keyword in about 100-110 days.  It also got me a double listing in Google in position number one and position number two

Primary Keyword

AMCS ranked number one and two in Google serps double listing

Secondary Keyword

AMCS ranked number one in Google for secondary keyword


This Website Proves That Good On-page Search Engine Optimization combined with High Quality Article Marketing Done Manually Over A Period of Weeks and Months Can Get You Number One Rankings In All Three Major Search Engines For Moderately Competitive Keywords

It only took about a month to get the homepage ranking at the top of Bing.  Yahoo took a little bit longer than that.  I think it was about six weeks.  Google took 90 days to hit position number one for its secondary keyword and position 2 for its primary keyword.  The homepage never hit position one on page one in Google during the first ninety days as far as I could tell.  My best ranking in Google came after about 100-110 days into the experiment.  That is when I had first achieved number one there as well as the bonus double listing for position one and two on the first page.

All of these screen shots should be proof enough that article marketing works for SEO.  If this doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will.  Look at the inbound link profile for this website.  It’s all articles baby.  Try it for yourself and you’ll see that it works.  You have to keep at it over a period of time in order to get results.  Don’t expect magic from a handful of articles.  Keep publishing regularly over weeks and months.  If you have done good search engine optimization with your website structure and your page structure, then the links from your article marketing efforts will pay off.


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