Are You Better Off Writing Articles Individually Or Using A Spinner To Automate The Process

Article spinners have become popular in recent years because they allow you to get a much larger number of links pointing back at your website much faster than you could possibly do if you had written all those articles from scratch one at a time.  You could generate hundreds of spun articles in the same time that it takes to generate a handful of higher quality articles.  You might be asking yourself whether or not using a spinner is right for you.

This website has proven definitively that you don’t need to use spinners to get results.  Every article that was used to build this website and promote it was written by scratch.  No spinners were used at all in any single one of the articles.  This website is proof that you can get good results with a website, even and brand new website, within a relatively short period of time if you just do the work.

Spinners Get You More Links Faster But The Links Are Usually Far Less Valuable, Lower Quality And They Don’t Last Long

example of an article spinner

a fine example of article spinning

Spinners and services that use them have some major drawbacks though.  Most people who are using spinners are pumping out such low quality crap that a human reader would actually be infuriated if they came across that article in the search results.  You know the kind of junk I am referring to.  Imagine if you came across a website that was full of those kinds of articles.  You would hate that website and never ever want to accidentally visit it again.  Everybody feels that way about those sites.  The search engines hate them too.  Most of them can’t get an article ranked well at all.

Sites that accept spun content are junky spam websites.  Websites like that don’t earn any links naturally.  The way that they get links for their own site is to use either the same spammy technique or a different spam tactic.  They have to resort to spam tactics or else buying links because nobody will willingly link to them.  The only people who promote those articles in social media are the people who wrote the article or some other paid spamming service.  A lot of the time, the social media profiles used to promote those articles are fake profiles run by software bots.  Those profiles are eventually discovered and deleted by the social media sites.

If you try using those spinning and distribution services you will find that many of your articles aren’t even getting indexed in Google.  This is because the sites you are publishing on do not have any search engine love.  If you don’t take the time to get each article indexed manually, then more than half of the spun articles you get published won’t even get indexed.  If they aren’t indexed, then the links don’t count and the article is never going to send you even one single visitor.

Even when your articles do get indexed on those sites, they don’t usually stay there more than a couple months.  After a short while, the articles get de-indexed by Google or get moved into the supplemental index.

Spun articles are hard, but not impossible, for search engines to detect.   It is possible to spin them so well that they will never be detected.  But, in the vast majority of cases, the process of randomizing them that much destroys the readability of the article.  You are still left with what would be considered a lower quality article in the eyes of the reader.  And remember, even if you put in the effort to create a spun article that is very well done, it is going to get published right alongside other articles whose authors did not put any effort into their article at all.  So, your effort is wasted by publishing the article on a site that is considered low quality in the eyes of the search engines.


Spinners And Spinning Services Make You Feel Dirty

Aren’t you a little apprehensive about using a spinner anyway?  You know you are polluting the web with garbage when you use them.  It makes you feel at least a little guilty inside thinking that you have to resort to being a spammer in order to get results.  But, you don’t have to feel that way.  You don’t have to use them at all.  Just do what I did with this website.  You can and will get good results if you do enough of it by hand one at a time.  Maybe you don’t want to do it all manually because you think you are going to need to produce more articles than you are capable of.    I wrote another article on this website about how many articles it took before I started seeing results with this website.


Article Marketing Can Be Done In A Way That Is Perfectly White Hat and Ethical

Writing useful articles one at a time from scratch to share on other websites that will allow you to do so is about as ethical and white hat as you can get when it comes to promoting your website.  As long as you are actually trying to provide real value in your articles, then nobody is going to accuse you of being a spammer.   Search engines have even encouraged people to use article marketing to promote themselves.   In fact, the only time you hear search engine representatives talking negatively about article marketing is when they are talking about using it in a spammy way in an effort to generate hundreds of links quickly.


What Kind Of Article Marketer Are You?

In the battle of spinners vs manual article marketing you can make up your own mind.  I don’t want to be one of those guys who runs around preaching that you should not use those spinner software programs or any of the services that use them.  I have used many of them in the past with varying degrees of success.  I created this website as part of a test to see if a person could completely avoid those kinds of spammy website promotion techniques and still get good results.   I wanted to find a method that I could use that didn’t make me feel like a spammer.  The method also had to work well though.  I knew that manual high quality article marketing worked to some degree, but how well does it really work?  How much has Google Panda changed things?  Is straight up honest article marketing worth your time?  I have already answered most of these questions by conducting this case study.  See the results for yourself by reading what I have posted on the homepage of this website as well as the other articles on here.

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