The purpose behind building this website was simply to conduct a series of tests.  The tests are being done to assess the effectiveness of one specific type of article marketing as a primary method of website promotion.  These tests will take many months to conclude.

why conduct this article marketing case study

The phrase “article marketing” conjures different pictures in people’s minds.  Maybe you picture it as someone who is using an article spinning and distribution service.  Maybe you picture it as someone who publishes one article at a website like EzineArticles.com hoping that many other websites will republish that article.  Maybe you see article marketing as one person writing many articles from scratch that are intentionally produced to high quality standards.  Then that person distributes those articles to any decent website that will publish them on his behalf.

The kind of article marketing tested here back in 2011 is the kind I mentioned in the last picture.  Every article published on this website is completely unique and high quality.  Every article published at the article directories used to promote this website was written completely from scratch one at a time trying to make them useful higher quality articles.

The intention of the study was to see if one person is capable of generating enough publicity for their website and enough backlinks for their website by writing a bunch of useful articles from scratch without ever once engaging in spammy activities.

That method of article marketing did work.   The site achieved a number one ranking in all 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) for both targeted keyword phrases.  It maintained those rankings for several years until enough of the links disappeared and I quit updating the content of the site.

Each year I would change the secondary keyword target for the homepage to whatever year it was.   When the site first launched, the secondary target would be “Does article marketing still work 2011″.  In 2012 I updated it to be “does article marketing still work 2012″.  In 2013 I updated it again.   In 2014 I did not bother updating it.  In July 2015 I updated it again.

Each year prior to 2015, this site would rank at the very top spot in Google, Yahoo and Bing for the phrases “does article marketing work”  “does article marketing still work” and “does article marketing still work 20xx”.    On rare occasions the homepage might have moved down one spot.   99% of the time it ranked number one over those years.

And it kept ranking there until the links began disappearing from some of the sites that I had published articles on.  People who were running some of the article directories and blogs I published on let their domains expire.   I assume they did that because most of those sites had their traffic vanish since Google Panda.   If the site isn’t profitable, why run it?

So when I checked up on the site here in July 2015, I saw that it had slipped in ranking to about half way down page 1 in Google.    I am sure that a lot of the reason for that was also poor click through from the search results and because of people bouncing back to the search results.   In 2014 and 2015 people would bounce back to the search results and keep looking because the content on this site had last been updated in 2013.  People wanted updated information about whether or not article marketing still worked, not info that was more than a year old.  I am sure that had a lot to do with the ranking losses too.

So, I have since updated the homepage content with updated advice and information.  Hopefully that will stop the bouncing and the rankings will return.    And I will probably have to go do a little bit more high quality article marketing in order to get the site to re-rank again.

Let’s see what happens.


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